On holding the general meeting for the election of the board of directors and inspectors

On holding the general meeting for the election of the board of directors and inspectors

August 8, 2018 7:28 PM

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With respect
As a reminder to the dear scholars of the Iranian Musicians Union, on 05/08/1997, the seventh election of the board of directors and the 20th election of inspectors of the Iran Music union were held with the cooperation of Mr. Shahram Saremi at Arasbaran cultural club. Also, for the first time, the anthem of the union which was a work of the artists of this class was broadcast as a video clip.
The presence of Mr. Torabi, the head of the music office, the Honorable Ministry of Guidance and Mr. Nourbakhsh, the managing director of House of Music, graced this event, and thanks to this presence, we witnessed the performance of Azeri folk music by the Dan Alduz group under the direction of Esfandiar Pifon.
In the continuation of the ceremony, Mr. Torabi with his warm and beautiful words gave this artistic gathering a new enthusiasm and mood, and then Mr. Noorbakhsh spent a few minutes with his words about empathy and cooperation, the new policies of the government, the honorable ministry of guidance and the house of music in the interaction between them. With imu, they made a new promise to solve the country’s music problems. In the following, with the presence of the honorable representative of the Ministry of Cooperation, Social Welfare and the formation of the legal board, the elections were conducted well than before and after the counting of votes, distribution of gifts and entertaining of dear guests, the general assembly ended its work at 20:00.
In the end, Mr. Mohammad Atyabi, Ain Elah Kivanshkoh, Shahabuddin Nazer Fasihi, Mehran Atyabi and Mojtabi Mohammadinia were elected as members of the board of directors, and Mr. Nader Eftekhari Fard and Arsalan Sediq were elected as inspectors.
May we be able to build a more beautiful Iran in a friendly and fraternal manner, hand in hand, within the framework of the laws, in line with the protection of the civil rights of the country’s music artists.

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